Transforming TV, Your Way

What is For U Tv?

For U Tv is a broadcast quality online TV provider of original content that is committed to delivering and fostering the ongoing production of consistently high quality broadcast standard programmes.

Our mission is: to enhance the audience’s viewing experience;  ensure a constant revenue for content creators; and match brands and advertisers to their required demographic.

We aim to challenge traditional content commissioning practices, employed by terrestrial television, and provide a platform that truly supports and helps the development of the digital community, thus transforming TV content and bringing it into the 21st century.

How does it all work?

You, as content creators, produce your programmes and then send it to For U Tv.

What we receive is screened to check quality and format to ensure that it adheres to content requirements.

We then seek to match a sponsor or a brand to your programme.

Once one has been secured you may receive up to 50% of the advertising or sponsorship revenue that is generated by your programme to use on your next production.

One of the things that separates us from our competitors is that we truly provide a service for the people, by the people!

 We ultimately care about the content creators, care about providing the best viewing experience and wish to showcase truly diverse and fascinating productions which are all too often missing from the mainstream terrestrial channels.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for professionally filmed theatre productions; series based dramas, Comedies, Romcoms, Horrors/Thrillers/Sci-Fi’s, Documentaries, Features,  Entertainment, International and Foreign programmes too, short films, 1-4 part programmes (any genre) and lifestyle entertainment. In fact anything which is carefully produced and displays true creativity and flair!

Why choose us?

We will be offering a more diverse variety of programmes for our audience than any terrestrial channel and our output will include primetime, daytime, foreign language, short films and theatre as well as pages dedicated to our new generation of outstanding young film and television programme makers.

For U Tv’s premiere screenings of brand new material will be available on both our online channel or mobile phone app, on both ipad and android.

For Audiences, For U Tv will have something for everyone who visits us, whether you plan your viewing with our listings guide or you view at your own leisure, challenging and fascination content will be available at just the click of a button.

For Content Makers For U Tv enables you the freedom to create without having to undertake the marketing essential to achieve commercial and artistic success.

Once your programme has been chosen, we carefully research a suitable brand or advertiser and give you up to 50% of the payment achieved, which is the highest percentage given by any online broadcaster.

Unlike various other well known distributors and providers across the many platforms, we ensure that you receive this substantial percentage of the revenue to help secure the future of your company and creative team in what is an increasingly competitive market.

We understand that a lot of money can be wasted by programme makers attempting  to have their work commissioned – and For U TV’s reduced fee structure is designed to minimise such costs and help ensure that all your effort, time and creativity, receives its appropriate reward and that your commercial future becomes increasingly secure!

Creative Board

The creative board is an advisory group of senior industry professionals who assist Mobile Media Interactive in the development of policy and practice. Creative Board members are chosen for their expertise in film, television, theatre, performing arts, media communications, literature and the music industry.

When is it launching?

For U Tv will be launched in Spring 2015